Conditions Générales de Vente

Pour vous aider dans votre choix

Sales conditions:

Le terme numérisation, implique l'enregistrement de support analogique visuel et audio et le gravage sur DVD sans montage ou la conversion numérique entre différents plateformes.

Right of cancellation:

You have the right to withdraw or cancel your order up until the point that work commences. After this point, the invoice will be payable in full. Special cases occur where it is not possible to effect the transfer from the original format is unreadable. In this case only a proportion of the order amount is payable equivalent to 10% of the original order. If you cancel an order which has been started up to 50% of the invoice may be due.

Quality of transfer:

We guarantee the best possible quality of transfer taking into consideration the age of the media concerned. We always attempt to use hardware which provides the best possible quality of transfer for the price paid. You may understand that if a better quality is technically possible, it is not necessarily possible for the price charged. We monitor our machines to ensure that they are in good working order and are providing the best possible quality output against a typical average. We understand that quality is important to our customers but that we cannot guarantee the same quality from old formats as is provided today from new formats. We will not charge for poor quality output and will notify the customer if we consider that output is poor. However, if we consider that output quality is within the usual standards we expect our customers to pay the invoice as initially agreed.

Lifespan of a DVD:

Transfer DVDs are supplied to customers in working condition. If you notice a problem with a DVD within seven days, we will replace it and if necessary redo the initial transfer. If after seven days you find that the DVD is not functional its replacement may incur a charge.

Storage of your media:

We take all possible care in handling your media in our premises which are stored in clean labelled individual containers, in proper dry storage conditions. Our premises are insured for theft and fire but we cannot be held responsible for any loss above the physical value of the media. Although we understand the sentimental value of your recordings, no monetary value can be attributed to media in consideration of its content when assessing value in the case of loss.


When returning your orders through the post we take every care to ensure that your media are well protected, properly packaged and labelled. We return orders to you using registered post without insurance but requiring signature. You may request adding insurance insurance on return for an additional charge. However we cannot be held responsible for loss of media. Unless explicitly requested, we use a postal service which may use automated machinery to handle packages. You may request that your packages are sent via a postal service which does not use automated machinery (manually handled) for an additional charge.


Tapes and DVDs may be encrypted with anti-copyright systems. Under no circumstances will we ‘crack’ these copyright systems and our duplication services cannot be applied to copyrighted material. If however no technical copyright protection system is incorporated in the media, the law stipulates that the owner of the media may in general make a single copy for personal use. We cannot be held responsible for copyright infringement if the user infringes copyright law such as by using duplicated material for public performance without declaration or recognition of the original authors. If in doubt, you should contact the original authors to request permission for use in public and as a consequence you as user or distributor may be liable for payment of royalties.

Minimum order:

The minimum order is 20€. This means for instance that if you wish to transfer a single Super 8 reel priced at 10€, we will invoice 20€.