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Scan Slides

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Price is for 1 slide in a batch of 100

Delivery typically in DVD or CD audio format. Please request delivery on USB key or hard disk as required.

Scan your slides into digital images

Your slides in digital format

Most consumer scanners only take around 4 to 6 slides of time and so scanning your slides can take a long time. We however use a scanner which takes up to 100 slides at the time and therefore is much less work intensive than if you do it yourself. Not only that, we do it instead of you !

Rediscover your photos taken probably in the 80s or 90s before digital cameras were around. Perhaps you were younger at the time. This will enable you to relive past events, classify your photos and share them with your children and family.

Perhaps you would even like to make a photo album out of them. This is possible with some of the many online photo album printing services now available. What better way to relive your photos or offer them as a present for birthdays or Christmas.

We scan at a resolution of up to 5000 dpi which would enable you to enlarge the scanned image of your slides greater than A3. You could even make a poster from your favorite slide image.

Contact us now to scan your slides into digital images.