Transfer from 8mm film

Transfer from 8mm film

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Delivery typically in DVD or CD audio format. Please request delivery on USB key or hard disk as required.

Transfer your reels to digital


We transfer your 8mm film to DVD in MPEG 2 format or to USB key in QuickTime or AVI using one of our two tele-cinemas. Once recorded, we generally remove joins between reels, ensure that framing is correct and apply a colour correction filter.

Sometimes people don't know exactly what is on their reels and so we offer you the possibility to record all of your reels onto digital format, take them away on DVD for review and then come back to change the order in digital editing. We then recreate your DVD.

This process may be subject to estimate if there are a lot of changes to make, otherwise if the changes are simple and it's just a question of reordering it is generally included in the price.